Training track for roller skiing

The 6.2 km roller ski track starts from the shooting range of the stadium. The track has been marked with traffic signs and road markings on asphalt, indicating and prohibiting skiing directions. You can use the road only if riding towards proper and indicated directions. There are km markings on the road that show you passed kilometres. The track is accessible through the upper car park of Tehvandi main building near the stadium and next to the gate of the maintenance house or through the stadium of the shooting range. The track has a though relief with difficult ascents and complex dangerous descents, and it is intended only for roller ski trainings for well-trained and experienced sportsmen.

Connected track sections with the stadium enable you to use roller ski tracks with markings 1.3 km, 2 km, 2.5 km, 3.3 km, 4 km, 5 km and 6.2 km for trainings and competitions.

Tehvandi Sport Center strongly recommends using a helmet and other protection for trainings. For beginners of roller skiing, it is forbidden to use the track.

It is forbidden to walk on foot, by bicycles or roller-skates on the roller ski track. A marked 1.3 km track from the stadium to the old track is intended for the use of skaters.

To organise roller skate and bicycle trainings, a prior written permission is required.
It is forbidden to move around using cars, motorbikes, mopeds or other motor vehicles on the roller ski track.